myRetirementPals.com was developed on the premise that with the appropriate resources and more importantly, supportive Pals (coaches, friends, accountability partners, tools & apps), you can plan and live your best retirement.

At the age of 51, Steve Raizes retired only to find himself lacking a sense of purpose and structure to his daily routine. He spent the last thirty years dreaming and focusing on retiring early, and when it finally happened, he struggled to answer the question, “What do I do with all this time?”.

Steve has spent the last few years searching for resources, products, and applications that enable him to live his best retirement. He started myRetirementPals to share what he has learned and empower others on a similar journey.

Steve is a Real Estate and Digital Asset Investor, and currently spends most of his time developing the myRetirementPals website and related Life Planner application. Prior to retirement, Steve founded and owned a software consultancy. After a successful sale of the business, he held CEO and COO roles in many industries, including website design, online advertising, wholesale distribution, and sales and marketing organizations.