Best Memory Creation Ideas

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“We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.” ― Cassandra Clare. Time moves fast that we sometimes forget to take a step back and live in the moment. Or in many cases, we want to relive the moments we hold dearly. Instead of letting these moments and events fade away, here is a guide on the best memory creation ideas. 

Ways to Keep Your Memories Together

You do not have to let your memories fade away. Instead, there are many ways you can collect and store your precious moments. Below we made a broad list that we broke down into different ideas:

  • Memory Book
  • Scrapbook Ideas
  • Photo Album

Memory Book

The older we get, the more memories we make. However, over time these memories begin to fade away. Sometimes the little moments and things are the features that can help bring a smile to your face. Never worry about your memories going away as long as you have a memory book. These are some ideas you can check out. 

School Photos and Team Photos

Many people spend most of their childhood and young adult life in school or participating in sporting events or extracurricular activities. During this time, you make many memories of the different places you go, the activities you try out and the people you meet or interact with. Many people even win awards. Remember all of these things with a school-inspired memory book. 

Awards and Achievements

For any person who has won many awards or achievements, a memory book is a perfect place to hold your photos, ribbons, certificates and medals. If you want to keep trophies, you will want to upgrade to a memory box or chest. Do not forget to label what the award is, why you won and the year as well. 

Arts and Crafts

If you are a creative person or are a parent that likes to hold onto everything your child makes, then you need to create an arts and crafts memory book. That macaroni artwork or watercolor painting would fit perfectly in this type of book. 

Birthday Gifts

Not all birthday gifts are toys. Instead, some hold a special place in your heart. If you like to hold onto cards or other small, flat gifts, you can place them in a memory book. 

Handwritten Messages

One of the most thoughtful items you can ever receive is a handwritten note. Someone took time out of their day to express how they feel about you. And, that is such a great feeling. Keep all these notes in a message memory book. 

Baby Keepsakes

Those first baby teeth, haircut strands and other baby first items hold a special place in your heart. Keep them safe with a baby keepsakes memory book or box. 

Memory Journal

If you love writing, then you can keep track of all your memories with a journal. Perfect memory journals include diaries or bullet journals. The best part of a memory journal is that there are so many amazing options and designs for you to choose from. 

Important People in Your Life

The people in our lives make a huge impact on who we are and even our personalities. To remember the important people in your life, you can create a memory book that includes their photo, a biography and fun memories or events. 

Favorite Songs and Albums

Music moves the soul. If you are a music lover, you need to have your favorite songs and albums in a notebook. Jot down your favorite songs, albums, lyrics, bands, singers and music videos to keep you positive. Plus, you can even look back to see how your music tastes have evolved over the years. 

Quotes and Inspiration

Throughout life, we have quotes, mantras, phrases and other things that inspire us to keep our heads up. Anytime you feel down or need some inspiration, these quotes or inspirational words or photos move you along. Keep them close by with quotes and inspiration books. You can write out your favorite sayings, images and other items to keep you motivated wherever you are. 

Scrapbook Ideas

If you love photos, collecting paper goods and crafting, then a scrapbook is up your alley. Here are some scrapbook ideas you can try out. 

Family Scrapbook

Does your family go on many cool adventures? Then, create a family scrapbook. It is the perfect place to look back on the fun things you did as a group. 

Polaroid Scrapbook

Everything comes back in style, including polaroids. Get creative and crafty by creating a polaroid scrapbook. Extra creativity points if you add 90s references. 

Folding Travel Scrapbook

Are you a world traveler who has too many mementos to keep up with? Then, try out a folding travel scrapbook. This is the perfect place to hold small photos, nick nacks, ticket stubs, maps, wristbands and other flat objects. 

Nature Scrapbook

Calling all nature lovers — this scrapbook is just for you! You can now collect and press the things you find in the wild with a nature scrapbook. Do not forget to learn how to properly preserve and store leaves, flowers, grass and other items you find outside. 

School Scrapbook

Have a lot of accomplishments or mementos from your school days? Then, you can create a school scrapbook. There are a ton of fun and cute school-themed stationery and stickers that can help you bring your scrapbook to life. 

Photo Album

Not everyone is super crafty or has the time to keep up with memory books. But that does not mean you cannot keep your precious memories close to your heart. Instead, stick to a simple photo album. Here are a few you can check out. 

Baby Photo Book Ideas

Babies grow fast. In a blink of an eye, you will have a full-fledged adult. Look back on those precious memories with a baby photo book. 

Annual Family Photo Book

A lot can happen in a year, especially if you have a family. Reminisce on everything that happened that year with an annual family photo book. This is also a great option for families who take annual family or holiday photos. 

Graduations And Milestones

Many important milestones happen in a person’s life — graduations, weddings, children, careers, awards and more. Anytime you reach a new milestone in your life, remember it by taking a photo and placing it in a photo album. 

Generations And Family Tree

Family is an important thing. They are the people that mold you and are always there for you. Let your family’s legacy always remain with a generational chart or family tree. During your research, you may also discover forgotten interesting facts or stories. 

Black And White

Not all photo albums have to be in color. Instead, black and white photo albums are in style. Black and white photos tell a different story and help you concentrate on other features. Whenever taking photos, either place a black and white filter while you are taking it or add the filter during the editing process before printing out. If you need help, there are many apps or professional designers and editors that you can reach out to. 

Family Vacations

For families that go on family vacations, remember each and every trip with a family vacation photo album. You can even get themed traveling albums to go along with your awesome trip. On your trip, do not forget to take photos of landmarks and everything around you. 

DIY Photo Album With Instax Film

Who said that photo albums have to only hold 4X6 photos. Instead, you can create a DIY photo album with Instax film or polaroids. You can find Instax photo albums online, or you can take a normal photo album and add two or three polaroids into each slot. 

Family Photo Board Book

Not feeling a book? Then, try out a photo board for all your family photos! There are many cork or push pinboards that can hold all your precious photos. You can find any of these boards at your local supermarket, home department store or online. 

Pull-Out Photo Album

Remember those pull-out photo albums that were in wallets years ago? You can bring them back with a pull-out photo album. This is great for people who travel and want to keep their special memories close with them no matter where they roam. Or, if you are a crafty individual, you can even create one out of cardstock. 

The Changing Seasons

Mother Nature is a wonderful phenomenon. And, that includes the changing of seasons. Capture the beauty of the Earth with a nature-inspired photo album. Take pictures of birds chirping, the blazing sun, the leaves falling and the snowfall to fill this type of album. 

Now that you know the different memory books, scrapbooks and photo albums you can make, it is time to start collecting all your mementos. Need more lifestyle ideas, check out our other blogs or contact us today. 

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