How to Create Family Memories

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Today’s fast-paced world pulls us in all sorts of directions. This makes it hard to slow things down and enjoy the little things. Still, families must take the effort to spend time together and build memories.

Especially with children, parents must go out of their way to create happy memories. Spending time together creates a sense of togetherness for your family, giving all members a more positive life.

Here are some tips to help create family memories.

Give your Time

Children often do not want anything more than to spend time with you. Set aside time to specifically spend it with each of your children. Hold to these dates so that your children feel prioritized in your life.

Sometimes life might get in the way, but you do not have to let that stop you from spending time with your kids. Take your kids with you when you have to run errands. Use the time together to have a candid conversation. Discuss their interests and their lives, and share your own with them as well.

You can even bring your child to work with you, sharing that large portion of your life with them.

Write Letters 

The written word has a lot of power to it. Write your child heartfelt and sincere letters for special occasions or whenever you feel it necessary. Taking the time to write letters shows your children how much you care about them.

For birthdays and graduations, a handwritten letter means a lot more than a regular card. 

Leave Notes

Put little messages in your child’s lunchbox or on their pillow to brighten their day and remind them of your love.

Family Vacations

Sometimes the best memories happen outside of the home. People, especially children, tend to remember different things more completely than the mundane. New places spark curiosity and interest, so plan a special family vacation.

Take the time to make these vacations extra fun, not just for yourself but also for your children. They will remember these vacations for years to come, so make them full of fun and positive memories.

Make the Holidays Special

Go out of your way to set fun and lasting traditions around the holidays. It could be something simple like a special meal or more intricate with gifts. Whatever you decide to do, make the holidays something to look forward to for the whole family. Many children will continue with these traditions when they have families of their own.

Notice the Positives

Whenever your child exhibits good attributes or performs a positive behavior, praise them for it. This helps nurture good values and behavior. Positive reinforcement works best to continue getting that kind of behavior out of your children. It also shows them that you care for them and pay attention to them. This also goes a good way towards keeping them from exhibiting in negative behaviors. 

Play with your Kids

Not everything has to be a big adventure. The simplest moments make the best memories. And you can do them much more often. Play with your kids when you get the chance. Passing the ball outside, building a pillow fort or catching lightning bugs helps fill your child’s life with fun and excitement. 

You can make these small moments extra special just by sharing them with your children. Plus, it is always fun to let your inner child out every now and then, just to enjoy yourself. Playing does not always have to involve exercise. Reading in fun voices at bedtime counts just as much as throwing the ball around.


Everyone loves the occasional adventure. New and exciting events get remembered long after they have ceased. So take your kids on adventures too. You can go for a hike in the woods and explore some off the beaten path animal trails. Kids will love all the new animals and plants they see. Just remember to stay careful.

For the less nature inclined you can take your kids to a nearby city and explore the downtown areas. Check out new places, cool stores and interesting foods. Even road trips count as exciting adventures. All of it fosters curiosity about the world.

Reflect with Gratitude Every Night

Have every member of your family reflect upon three things that happened that day that they were grateful for. This helps build optimism in children and helps them process negative events. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, these little positive reflections keep things in perspective.


You can help make happy family memories for your children every single day. You do not have to make big gestures all the time, but instead let the small things add up. Of course, big and exciting things always make children happy. But you can find a little bit of time to play with your kids and reflect with gratitude.

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