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“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” – Lois Lowry.

Do you have old VHSs, tapes or photos that you want digital copies of? Then, you need to check out our review of the LegacyBox. The LegacyBox is a kit that helps you digitize old videos, films and photos, especially older film formats like VHSs or DVDs. 

This is a great way to keep precious memories like old family movies or photos in an easy way to watch in modern formats. Once you digitize these momentos, you can also easily share them with other family members or friends. 

LegacyBox has converted older films, tapes and photos for over ten years. The company also has over 200 trained technicians that know how to professionally preserve your memories. Plus, the company is in the U.S. on an 8-acre piece of land. 

What does LegacyBox do?

As mentioned above, LegacyBox simply digitally converts audio recordings, films, tapes and photos into different digital formats. The digital formats you can get are a secure flash drive, a digital download through the Cloud or Google Drive and watchable DVD sets. During the digitizing process, the teams have different systems and workflows to ensure that your items are perfectly preserved.

Each technician is professionally trained to make sure your original copies are not damaged and are in the best care. Everything stays in the U.S. workshop and then handed back to UPS to return to you in its original condition. 

Over one million people in all kinds of industries, including museums, families, government agencies and educational institutions, trust LegacyBox. They also have a satisfaction guarantee policy where they will do anything in their power to make sure everything is how you want it.

Currently, LegacyBox only ships in the U.S., excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Canada and anywhere else outside of the United States. 

What do others think of the LegacyBox?

Many people have positive thoughts and reviews of the LegacyBox. Here are some of the testimonials from past users:

“Nothing is quite as heartwarming as gathering the family together to sift through old photographs and film reels. Whether you’re reminiscing about family vacations or rediscovering unfortunate fashion faux pas from the past, you want your footage to feel as crisp and clear as the day you took it. Thankfully, you can now better protect and preserve those memories with the Legacybox digitizing kit.” – Real Simple

“I truly believe it’s important to preserve the memories of your childhood and from your parents. Legacybox helps you do this in a unique, wonderful way… Really great service. I trust them with my memories.” – The Benard Show

“I highly recommend sending off your videos to Legacybox… Seeing and hearing loved ones’ voices is the best thing ever. Completely worth every penny. These are priceless.” – Kellie

“Legacybox is the best thing I ever spent money on… It was an overwhelming experience that I had thought was hidden or lost forever. Trust these folks, you won’t be sorry. Their work is impeccable.” – Louis

“No need to stress, they provide tracking, barcoding, and real-time updates to ensure your items are safe along the way.” – Uncrate

“The ultimate ace in the hole for parents and grandparents wanting to preserve family memories.” – The Washington Post

“This is truly spectacular. Legacybox is an amazing service…This is something that will be cherished and passed down. Give the Legacybox with a Kleenex box for best results.” – The Huffington Post

Many organizations and companies like The Huffington Post, USA Today, Whine Down, BuzzFeed, Marie Claire, BBC and Brit + Co feature the LegacyBox on their websites and articles. 

What does LegacyBox support?

There are many items that you can send to LegacyBox. For tapes, the company can digitize any type of format including VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital 8, MicroMV and 8mm Video Cassette. If you have films, LegacyBox can digitally convert 16mm, 8mm, Super 8 and Regular 8. For people who have photos, they can convert prints, 35mm Negatives and 35/126mm Slides. LegacyBox can even digitally convert audio tapes like Reel to Reel, Audio Cassette and Micro Cassette. If you have a different format, reach out to LegacyBox support to see if they can do a special order for you. 

What is its process?

When shopping with LegacyBox, there are three main steps — packing and shipping, digitizing and reliving it. Later in the guide, we will go over the packing and shipping process, so we will start with how digitizing works. 

The moment your kit makes it to the corporate office, the company distributes your box to the appropriate team or team members. During the process, LegacyBox sends updates through the state-of-the-art tracking system, so you know what is happening with your memories in real-time. You can also go through the online website to manually track your order. 

All tape formats go through a Digital Workflow system where the team creates full-quality digital loaded and monitored by hand. If you turn in films, they will go through the same process used by Academy Motion Pictures. LegacyBox uses a frame-by-frame process with a UV LED backlight that keeps the film cool and safe. After they finish digitizing the film, it will be flicker-free and have smooth playback. 

If you turn in photos in the kit, the team will professionally scan them into the system to create high-resolution images (JPEG). Once you have the JPEG, you can easily view and share it. Each photo order will have one team member to ensure a careful and attentive conversion. Lastly, the team digitizes audio clips through the Digital Workflow system. All recordings are high fidelity with great clarity. 

You can even personalize your DVDs. All you need to do is head over to the website under Disc Titling and insert your order number and email address to start the process. From there, you can give them a list of titles that you want your DVDs to have. 

After the digitizing process finishes, LegacyBox sends your original media back along with your requested preserved copies through the digital format of your choice. From there, you can grab your family and friends and have a movie night reminiscing on all the past memories. 

What is the cost?

The price range for a LegacyBox range from $99.98 to $1,099.98. Each kit has a guide that helps a person safely shop home views and photos. 

The lowest budget kit — 2 Item Starter — allows you to convert up to two tapes, two family films or two sets of 25 pictures to a digital format. You can purchase it for $99.98.

10 Item Family is the next kit. It allows you to digitally convert up to ten tapes, ten films or ten sets of 25 pictures. You can purchase this kit for $279.98. 

The third kit you can purchase is the 20 Item Closet. You can digitally convert 20 tapes, 20 films or 20 sets of 25 pictures. This kit cost $559.98. 

And, the last and biggest kit you can buy is the 40 Item Trunk. When you purchase this kit, you can convert up to 40 tapes, 40 films and 40 sets of 25 pictures to a digital format. This 40 item kit costs $1,099.98. 

Throughout the year, there are many different discounts that you can take advantage of like 50% off. If you sign up for their email newsletter, you can always stay in the know of when they discount the LegacyBoxes. 

Also, you can add additional items to each box. For example, if you ordered the 10 Item Family kit but have fifteen items, you can add each piece for $15. In the kit LegacyBox sends, you will get two types of barcodes, the included $0 barcodes and the additional $15 barcodes. Just place each additional barcode on the extra items you want in the box. 

What is the packaging and shipping process? 

LegacyBox outlines in a step-by-step guide the safest way to pack your one-of-a-kind memories. They follow the Kodak mail-in-model. You will receive a box where you pack all your tapes, films, audio clips and photos. LegacyBox will also send barcodes for each item to help with the organization and digitizing process.

Since photos are loose, LegacyBox recommends placing each set in a plastic bag or envelope to make sure everything stays organized. LegacyBox cannot process photo albums, sleeves, carousels or another packaging outside of plastic bags and envelopes. 

Once you are ready to ship off your items, you will head off to UPS. LegacyBox partnered up with UPS to handle safe shipping. The company includes a prepaid shipping label. You will then head off to your nearest UPS drop-off location, and they will handle the rest. 

What is your impression of the LegacyBox? If you are ready to preserve your precious memories, check them out! Do not forget to show us clips of the final projects. If you ever need any other help finding ways to collect and store your mementos, contact us or check out our blog today. 

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