The Best Places for Single Women to Retire

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You don’t need to retire where you have spent the majority of your career. We’re here to open your eyes to some of the best spots around the world for single women to retire.

Paris, France

Many overlook Paris as a retirement spot because they see it with tourist costs instead of living like a local. Living in the most romantic city in Europe is affordable if you find the right place and avoid ridiculous expenditures. Enjoy an exquisite meal in a lesser-known restaurant rather than the overpriced mediocrity that tourists consume.

Living in France has other advantages as well. French healthcare is arguably the best in the world, and patient costs remain low even for retired ex-pats. Good infrastructure makes the rich Parisian culture and sites easily accessible.

Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo offers unbelievable deals on real estate that easily beat out Tuscany and Umbria. Imagine the look and feel of vaulted ceilings, a garden, a terrace, and a fireplace. Its location allows you to swim in the ocean, hike up a mountain and drive to Rome all in one day.

Abruzzo’s living expenses are also lower than you might think if you moderate trips to Rome and flights from Pescara. You can live comfortably on less than $2,000 a month. Healthcare in Italy ranks highly according to the WHO, and costs are low with Italy’s SSN.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This bustling metropolitan area has a temperate climate, unlike other cities in Thailand. It has a blend of ancient sites and modern attractions to suit both the explorer and a lover of creature comforts. Imagine a one-dollar pad thai meal, and you can get a feel for how affordable it is to live in Thailand on $1,100/month. 

The ex-pat community is well-established, and foreign goods are accessible in many locations. Medical care standards are excellent with reasonable costs and English-speaking doctors to assuage your fears. 

Panama City, Panama

Retirees in Panama enjoy a lot of the same benefits as the US like 15-50% senior discounts on restaurants, medicine and transportation among other things. Moving is made easy with a tax exemption on the importing of your household belongings. Even the cost of living outside Panama City is well within the range of most retirees.

Others have already gone before you, and there is a wealth of knowledge on residency, healthcare (excellent) and entertainment. Picture a place where retirees welcome what will come next instead of dreading it. Some even choose to completely reinvent themselves.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is the village by the sea that morphed into a popular vacation destination and a port for cruise ships. Locals speak English, and tourism has spawned numerous shops and restaurants to meet demands. This little section of Mexico is highly developed and rife with the leisurely Mexican way of living. 

Expats planted roots in Puerta Vallarta after falling in love with the place on vacation. You can afford a cozy place outside Puerto Vallarta that allows you to enjoy beaches and the rich culture of Mexico with an average retirement budget. 

Álamos, Mexico

There is a strong ex-pat presence in this restored Mexican town, and you will find many English speakers. The town boasts many informal social activities in place of blaring club music and an active nightlife. Safety is such that you can walk the streets alone night or day, an excellent contrast to the dark, dangerous city alleys.

Women are at the heart of the social scene in the ex-pat community. They lend support to those in need, and a number live in the town full time – others are seasonal residents. Single women are not seen as pariahs and will find a sense of belonging amongst the people of Álamos.


Hawaii is most famous for being the romantic getaway spot for lovers and honeymooners, but it is also a prime spot for retirees. It has many Medicare providers, senior living options, and a warm climate throughout the year. Honolulu is a perfect blend of modern city life and beautiful, natural views.

The dating atmosphere is more relaxed, varied and intimate when compared to other big cities in the lower 48. You are spoiled for choice when deciding on activities and places to get to know each other better.

New Hampshire

Here, you enjoy the peace and charm of nature as well as the tax benefits. The extra income from the tax benefits and a lack of sales tax allow retirees to enjoy a higher standard of living. Another benefit is wonderful medical care; the state ranks fifth in the US for senior health. 

New Hampshire has the beauty of all four seasons, which many see as a blessing to escape the monotony of one season. The countryside, mountains and lakes epitomize the beauty of nature and its ever-changing form. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh has a plethora of pluses for seniors. It boasts low assisted living costs, a low cost of living, and numerous Medicare physicians in top-notch healthcare facilities. Pittsburgh also offers a multitude of cultural experiences and places to stroll and enjoy the view from Mount Washington. 

It is not named the “City of Champions” for nothing. Pittsburgh has numerous sports teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Pirates you can watch play live. Pittsburgh gold and black graces the jerseys of many sports teams.

Pittsburgh is home to a large population of single seniors for those looking for love after 55. 

Naples, Florida

Naples’ happy, healthy seniors (41% of the total population) are proof of its reputation for prizing well-being. Enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, sailing, or just hiking along the trails across the city. The senior community boasts numerous social programs through senior centers, the local library and the parks. 

Naples has an average cost of living and a higher income level than average cities. Add these to Florida not having a personal income tax, and you have one of the best places for single seniors. The sum total of all the pluses for seniors makes this city an ideal retirement spot.


Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese, which gives you an idea of how well you can fit in and mingle with the population. There is something for everyone in Malta from its ancient temples, breathtaking natural scenery, and vibrant nightlife. Singles who plan to move here will have endless options for activities to fill their days.

Maltese healthcare ranks fifth in the world and includes hospitals stocked with cutting-edge equipment and doctors fluent in English. Malta requires foreign residents to have health insurance, but US ex-pats will notice a considerable drop in hospital fees. 


Ecuador is a diverse country where people from many backgrounds come together. The biggest drive for retiring in Ecuador is being able to live better at a lower cost. You will be able to go out more and enjoy the next phase of your life as a retiree.

The ex-pats in Cuenca work actively to help newcomers adjust and fit in, and single women retiring here will have many opportunities to make strong social connections. Real estate investment opportunities and options allow savvy investors the chance to increase their retirement income further. Retirement shouldn’t stop one from investing nest egg money.


Portugal offers retirees mild weather, good health care, a rich culture to explore and a workable cost of living. Furthermore, you can get by on just English as you enjoy recreational activities in the country. The ex-pat community is thriving, so you should be able to connect regardless of where you are in the country.

Medical care in Portugal is world-class and a good deal cheaper than in North America – free if you become a resident. One last thing to consider for single, female retirees is Portugal is the world’s third safest country, behind Iceland and New Zealand (both difficult to retire to). 

How much should a single woman have saved for retirement?

A single woman should have saved enough for approximately 80% of her yearly income for retirement. Check how much you will receive for social security here, and subtract that from the 80% you need. Take the result and apply the “rule of 4%” to get an idea of how much you need to save for retirement.

What is the best English-speaking country to retire in?

The answer is like a Rorschach test, some may see the same thing as you, and others something vastly different. Find a place where you fit in and maybe buy or do some things that make you feel at home. Shared culture and mindset often trump shared language.

Which country has the most ex-pats?

The country that has the most ex-pats according to the UN (2019) is Germany. However, Germany has 4.6% of US ex-pats whereas Mexico has the most US ex-pats at 27.7%. Canada has the second highest at 9.8%.


There are many opportunities around the world to settle in during this phase of your life. Remember also that more and more humans are living past their 90th birthday. Perhaps you may stay in one location for the rest of your days and thoroughly the splendor of the world around you in good company.

Or, you may feel the wanderlust and the need to see what else lies beyond the horizon. If you feel the pull for new adventures and experience, hopefully, you’ll revisit our list, and maybe we will even have some new locations for you.

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