Top 10 Hobbies for Retirees

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One of the most common questions asked by retirees is “What can I do now that I’m retired?” For many, the idea of having nothing to do all day is a terrifying thought. 

The good news is that people are much more active in retirement than you might think. Retirees often find themselves in a position to return to old hobbies.  Some choose to take up new ones, or spend their free time pursuing their passions. 

There are many things that retirees can do to occupy their time. One of the most important is to make sure that your free time is filled with enjoyable and productive pursuits. Hobbies keep you engaged and active.

Retirement is often seen as the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning. Many people who are looking forward to retirement say that they are most looking forward to being able to pursue their hobbies. 

That’s why we wrote this article. By listening to readers like you, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Hobbies for Retirees.

Online Learning

Many retirees use their time to learn something entirely new. Online learning is an excellent way to learn about something to peak your interest. The internet can be a wonderful tool for learning. 

There are many courses that cover a huge range of skills, from graphic design to speech to web programming. 

Some of the most popular online learning tools can be found below:


As we get older, sometimes it feels like our friend circle shrinks and we have to look for new ways to keep our minds active. That’s why so many people turn to podcasts. 

They’re a great way to dive into stories you wouldn’t necessarily have time for. You can experience any topic from romance to comedy, history to religion, and just about everything in between.

Listening to podcasts is a wonderful way to stay busy. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting at your desk or going somewhere in the car. 

Podcasts are especially helpful for retirees who may find they have more time on their hands. You can listen to more educational or motivational programs. 

Think about learning to cook that favorite dish or going to a dream destination. Podcasts are very much like using an audio book. The ability to stop, start or pause a podcast helps you to learn at your own pace. You can even learn to make your own podcasts.


As the fastest-growing hobby in the world, YouTube is a great hobby to have for retirees. YouTube is nearly the defacto standard of video-sharing websites on the Internet. 

Users can upload, view, and share videos. There are many different categories of videos, and any kind of viewer can find something they like. 

You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to have a channel on YouTube. Whether you want to share your thoughts with the world, showcase your creativity, or just have fun, YouTube is a great hobby to have.

YouTube also allows you to subscribe to your favorite channels and presenters. When you think about it, YouTube is just a visual version of Google. 

You can ask questions and bring up subjects on YouTube just as easily as the popular search engine.  This is because YouTube is wholly owned by Google. So get to watching!

Video Games

Many people over the age of 50 and up grew up playing video games and many still enjoy playing today. The best things about modern video games are the immersive experience they provide. Most video games are also very interactive and allow for group gaming.  

People who have a passion for video games are normally looking to connect with other people. Games are a great way for different generations to share their common interests. 

In the world of video games, the first person shooter genre is the most prevalent. First person shooter games are played in the first person, which means that the player sees the game world through the eyes of his character. 

Of course, there are many other types of games to choose from. Most modern games can be networked to improve and promote social playing. Either way, you’ll be certain to find a game you can enjoy whether alone or with friends. 

Social Media

Social media is a social activity where users create and share content on the Internet. It may seem like an odd choice for a Top 10 Hobbies for Retirees list, but it’s not just for young people anymore. 

In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the fastest growing segment of social media users are people 65+. And that’s not surprising, since you don’t have to be young and hip to benefit from using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites.

The social media era has changed the way we communicate. It has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Blogs are now so popular, yet many people still have not quite gotten the hang of using them. 

People still describe social media as “like having a big party at your house but your friends are all online.” 


There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of “giving back” in terms of personal development or just doing your part helping the world. But giving back is also a good way to give yourself a sense of purpose. 

If you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands and you don’t want to spend it watching reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or whatever you used to watch, it might be a good idea to volunteer for a cause that you believe in. 

There are so many charities and volunteer opportunities that could benefit from some extra help.  For example, if you’re an animal lover, there are many animal shelters and humane societies in your area that could use some help.

What’s important is that you find something that gives you a sense of purpose and that gives back to the community.

Consider trying something totally new when volunteering. Pet sitting for neighbors, building  furniture for the needy, or fixing up an old home are great ideas. Give a child with a disability a chance to enjoy outdoor activities by helping out with adaptive sports programs in your area.


Gardening is a popular activity among retirees because it offers a great excuse to get outside, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with loved ones, and relax. If you’re considering gardening, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, choose a gardening style that you enjoy. Don’t look for a hobby that is most likely to end up being a money pit. Go with something simple like flowers or vegetables that require little maintenance. 

Second, find someone who can be a mentor to you. Take a class at a local community center, or look for a local expert through your local garden club.  Maybe find a master gardener in your area that can help you along the way.

Gardening offers many health benefits, as well as providing a fun and relaxing hobby. Those who enjoy gardening have found that it helps them live a healthier life.

Getting your hands in the dirt can be an immensely satisfying activity in addition to being good for your health.

Arts and Crafts

Perhaps the most overlooked hobby that people often pursue in retirement is art and crafts. There are numerous courses and events that allow people to learn and hone their art skills. 

Many retirees find joy in creating art, whether it is on a small scale, a large scale, or something in between. It is very common for retirees to take up crafts as hobbies, and many find it a great way to use up spare time. 

This is especially true when you might want to create original pieces of art. There are tutors who offer instruction in creating photographs and paintings.

If you are interested in taking part in this hobby, you may want to check out classes at a local art supply store. There’s plenty of online classes that offer the opportunity to become more proficient at your craft. 

Some retirees find so much joy in spending time on arts and crafts projects they make part-time careers of it. They spend their days creating unique designs on scrapbooking pages, painting, sketching, knitting or even card making. 


While many people choose to get out of the house when they retire, some retirees want to stay close to home. If you are among the latter, walking or hiking is a great way to stay active and get a fresh dose of nature. 

There are probably plenty of trails that you’d enjoy walking through. Climbing small and large hills adds to the challenge and usually brings a sense of accomplishment. 

Walking or hiking also has many social benefits. You can easily join or form your own walking club for instance. 

If you’re ready to get off the couch and out into the fresh air, consider taking a walk or a hike on some trails near you. Walking and hiking offer many benefits including:

  • enhancing fitness and building cardiovascular strength 
  • Additionally, hiking provides physical and mental benefits such as improving your mood, balancing your body, and connecting with nature. 

Many retirees find walking or hiking a particularly helpful activity that can be done on a regular basis. 

Zoos are also a great area for walking while enjoying the animals.  

Flipping Houses

There are many hobbies that are great for retirees. We all know that those over 65 are the fastest growing demographic in the world. With more than 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, there are more people than ever looking for things to do in retirement. 

The truth is, retirees have more leisure time than ever before and have more options available to them. One of the more popular options is flipping houses.

If you’ve ever wondered how people make money flipping houses, you’re not alone. The process of purchasing older houses that need a bit of love is nothing new. Fixing them up and selling them for a profit sounds so simple. 

While many retirees who love to flip houses are retired carpenters, roofers, real estate professionals, other retirees can learn how to flip homes if too if they think they would find the process of remodeling or renovating a home enjoyable.  

Very little can compare to making or repairing something, whether on your own or as part of an investment group. 

Flipping homes can not only be monetarily rewarding, but challenging and socially rewarding. Some retirees rather than flip a home, will donate their time to a cause that helps renovate homes for those in need of better housing.  


Genealogy is a great hobby, and it appeals to a wide variety of people, including retirees. As part of the Great Melting Pot, the chances are good that your grandparents or great grandparents came from somewhere else. 

As people age, they want to know more about their family’s history. This can also be a way to learn about your own health history. It’ll help you understand why you may have some of the conditions you have.

You may not even have planned to become a family historian when you retired. But you may find that genealogy is your new passion. Discovering more about your heritage or finding out more about your ancestors is always a worthwhile thing. 

These days, you’ll be able to do it all on your computer. And the resources available to you are more diverse and easier to find than ever before.

Genealogy has been around since the beginning of time, but there is still plenty of room to grow in the field. People use family trees to explore their roots and trace their family history all the way back to present day. 

Some would argue that this type of hobby has become even more popular in the age of the internet. If you are interested in searching for information about your ancestors, you could start with ancestry databases. 


Many people have never been fishing before, and once they try it, it becomes one of their favorite activities. Fishing offers a chance to spend time outside, connect with nature, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Fishing is a popular hobby for retirees. There are several reasons for this. For one, it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. All you really need is a fishing license, the right gear, and a little bit of know-how. 

Fishing also gives you an excellent opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy some fresh air. This is especially important if you tend to be stuck indoors all day. Finally, it is an excellent way to pass the time if you are bored and have nothing else to do.

Fishing is a fun hobby that both relaxes and stimulates the mind. Even if you didn’t enjoy fishing when you were younger, it may be a good hobby to check out now.  

There are a lot of opportunities to learn and try new fishing techniques. There are an abundance of boat trips that allow people to go out and experience all kinds of fishing. You can fish on freshwater lakes and rivers to ocean reefs. 


Even if you aren’t quite ready to invest in a DSLR camera, you can still learn to take some great photos. Photography is both interesting and relaxing. It’s something that you can take your time with. 

But where do you start with photography? Most people start by buying a nice point and shoot or smartphone. Both are very affordable, and have extremely powerful lenses. The internet as well as local photo shops have plenty of information and classes to help with this hobby. 

Armed with a handheld viewfinder, there’s no real limit with what you can do with your camera. Practice by heading outside. Find a patch of grass and take a few shots in the perfect light. 

Use your smartphone for professional photography with your favorite apps or with basic adjustments in your favorite photo app. 

Keep the photos for yourself, or share them with family and friends. You can also post to your social media page or even join an online photography club. You’ll get plenty of tips and tricks from other members.  

Photography is a hobby anyone can take up and enjoy. 

Participate in a Book Club

If you’re looking for a fun new way to socialize, consider starting a book club. Book clubs offer a great way to meet new people and share your love of literature. 

In fact, there’s a club out there for most every kind of reader. If you’re a non-fiction reader, check out book clubs for history buffs, health topics, and the like. If you like fantasy or sci-fi, there are book clubs for you, too.

If you like romance or have an interest in home decorating, you can find clubs that meet your interests.

Participation in a book club can be a rewarding hobby that can enhance your life in a number of ways. A book club gets you reading more, which is good for your health.

For many retirees, reading is a big part of their lives. Some people read for entertainment, while others enjoy reading for informational purposes. Regardless of the reason why you read, you can find a book club for retirees online. 

You can join a group online or join one locally. While you might not have the same level of energy as you did when you were younger, you can easily find a book club that meets on a regular basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find a Hobby That I Love?

There are a lot of hobbies out there. Some people find hobbies that they love and stick with for a lifetime. Others dabble in several different hobbies, but never really find one that they’re passionate about. If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, it can be hard to know where to start. If you want to find a hobby that you love, you may need to try many new things until you find one thing that really gets you going. A hobby should mean something. The bottom line is, your hobby has to inspire you. Consider thinking about an entirely new hobby to try, something that will challenge you. 

How Many Hobbies Should One Have?

That’s a great question. Choosing (and sticking with) a handful of hobbies is the key to making your retirement years rewarding and worthwhile. You need to have something to look forward to and to keep you busy, but too many hobbies can be just as bad as none at all.

Think about what you really find most relaxing or fun about a hobby. It’s fine to have as many hobbies as you want, but make sure you’re having fun with them and not feeling spread to thin with your time. 

What Do Seniors Want Most?

We’ll try to answer it like this: There’s no concrete answer to that question. You could ask ten thousand seniors the question, and receive ten thousand different answers. 

Just because we age, doesn’t mean that retirees should have to feel useless. If anything, most seniors feel they are lucky to have made it to retirement. 

In our experience, we’d have to boil it down to one sentence:

  • Seniors, including retirees and the elderly want to remain relevant, useful, and appreciated. 


We hope our Top 10 Hobbies for Retirees has inspired you to focus on existing hobbies or try new hobbies.

Retirees often get a bad rap for having nothing to do. While the stereotype may be accurate for some retirees, others find themselves working part-time to fulfill their leisure time needs.  Please note, part time work can be considered a hobby.

Retirees do not need to devote every waking moment to finding ways to entertain themselves. You can pursue many hobbies without ever leaving the comfort of your home. 

When you are willing to have some fun trying something new, it  means you still have plenty of motivation. You might even start a new hobby that you can enjoy for years to come.

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