Using a Coach or Buddy System for Accountability

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Accountability is an important part of any success plan. Without it, you can often lose motivation. It’s important to have a system that will actually work to ensure your success. 

Having an accountability buddy or coach can be extremely effective. But you also need to know which program you can benefit from the best.

In this article we’ll be reviewing coaching and buddy systems for achieving accountability. We’ll also be telling you the differences between both systems, their benefits and which is better, if at all.

A coaching system can be defined as a system developed by a group or individual that has a set of guidelines, rules, and/or steps that one needs to tackle, in order to complete a specific plan.

Buddy systems work by having a buddy or group of buddies to achieve goals. Your buddies not only support and encourage you but they also help you keep track of what you’re doing. 

A buddy can tell you how well you’re doing certain tasks, and whether or not you should adjust your plan. 

By holding each other accountable, partners in a buddy system can build a more cohesive and supportive team. To achieve their goals, the entire group will be accountable and be rooting for each other. 

Is the Coach or Buddy System Better for Accountability?

In a nutshell, both systems work equally well depending how they are used

Coaching systems are a way to keep yourself on track with your goals, and accountable to someone else. This person, who is called your coach, will check in with you on a regular basis to make sure you are moving forward. 

The Coaching System can be used for singles or teams. It’s far more effective for a single person. With a 1:1 approach focused solely on you and your success, the coaching system is better for accountability. 

The Buddy System is naturally, more aligned with working with more than one person. By working towards the same goals, you and your buddies will be responsible for watching out for each other.

Buddy systems make sure everyone keeps their commitments. This system is perfect for teams. 

What Is An Accountability Coach?

An accountability coach is someone that trains you to hold yourself accountable for your goals. Many people mistake an accountability coach for a life coach, but this is not true. 

Accountability coaching is focused solely on particular goals you want or need to meet. These goals are taken in specific steps. 

Life coaching tends to be broader and involves taking aim at life pursuits. These can be very long term goals in order to fulfill certain life tasks. 

Accountability coaching mentally prepares you to take on goals such as:

  • Meeting a specific work goal
  • Breaking a bad habit such as smoking
  • Working out at specific times of the week
  • Eliminating procrastination

What Does an Accountability Coach Do?

A coach is there to help you get your goal started when don’t know where to begin. The coach will come up with a plan that is suited to you. 

After that, there’ll be certain steps you’ll be following. In other words the coach will be calling the shots. This method let’s you stay committed to a goal, because someone is constantly helping you out. With someone to discuss accountability tips and tricks with, you’ll quickly master tackling goals. 

Any good Accountability Coach that’s worth their weight should be able to help you with:

  • Confidence: Having confidence enables you to take risks and achieve your goals. Striking the right balance between confidence and overconfidence can sometimes be tricky.
  • Decision Making: An accountability coach will teach you how to make decisions, especially when you see a fork in the road and you need to choose one direction.

Your coach will teach you how to make a plan, and then track your progress. This is in order for you to understand the importance of the written plans and trackers. 

  • Keeping You on Track: Your coach will be able to help you understand why you aren’t succeeding at your goal or task and tackle any roadblocks you encounter. They will then come up with adjustments to train you how to prioritize and commit to a goal. 

What Is an Accountability Buddy?

An accountability buddy is a person who keeps you on track, and helps you meet your goals. The “buddy” can even be an entire team of like-minded people. 

The philosophy of an accountability buddy is simple: No one shall be left behind. It’s also a great team building tool.

An accountability buddy is often a friend or family member. You’ll mutually agree to check in with your buddy on a regular schedule—daily, weekly, etc. 

An accountability buddy is like a coach, except rather than telling you what to do, he or she asks you what you’ve done to move toward your goals.

What Does an Accountability Buddy Do?

Your accountability buddy will hold you accountable for your actions. You can set your own rules for what should be held accountable. Your buddy helps you by providing a listening ear, advice, support and a friendly shoulder to cry on.

If misery loves company, then using the accountability buddy system is perfect. 

This shared system is popular because:

  • More Than One Person Can Have or Share Common or Different Goals
    • It really doesn’t matter what the individual goals are, as long as the buddy or buddies help each other reach them.
    • A shared goal is much easier to accomplish in a group environment, especially if there are incentives.
  • The Size of the Buddy Group Doesn’t Matter
    • Your buddy group can have anywhere from two people to thousands if you want. For example, some very popular weight control communities use the buddy system.
    • Alcohol and smoke cessation groups are much more likely to help their buddies by making smarter decisions together.
  • You Can Rely on Each Other for Support
    • You are able to make better decisions and realize what goals are important. Once you reach your goal you can still help your buddies to achieve theirs.  

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How Does An Effective Accountability Program work?

If you look at every successful person out there, you will notice a couple of things in common. First, they all have a plan for what they want to achieve.

Second, they all have a system to follow in order to achieve that plan. The thing is, you’ll only do this by completing your very own plans and goals. You’ve got to start committing and being accountable if you want to get ahead. 

The most effective programs help you learn the following: 

  • How to set goals 
  • How to stay motivated 
  • How to monitor progress 
  • How to work together with others to succeed

When choosing an accountability partner, it’s important to find someone who is both realistic and supportive.

How Much Do Accountability Coaches Charge?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how much accountability coaches can charge. Most of them list their fees on their websites and charge between $50 and $450 per month. 

However, just because someone charges a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is good.

Some charge a flat monthly fee, others charge by the hour, and others charge per project. Some coaches or buddy systems will even work with you for free. 

But no matter what you choose, understand that you’re really investing in your accountability coach or buddy system. Your time, effort and money are all valuable. Be sure you are going to commit before spending your resources.

What Is the Best Accountability App?

The best app for accountability really depends on what it is you wish to achieve. Our pick is based on factors such as: 

  • Usability 
  • Popularity 
  • Customer Reviews. 

Most importantly, the app needed to offer both individual and group accountability features. The app called Stikk seems to fit the bill.  


The Stikk app for Accountability is a web and mobile app. It allows you to keep up to date with the goals and tasks of your friends and family members. It’s a social network built to motivate you, and connect you with the people that matter most to you. 

This app was designed by a professional accountability coach. You can keep yourself accountable and achieve your goals. 

Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or quit drinking, this app handles it all. Stikk also provides you with the accountability and the tools that you need to be successful. 


If you look at successful people, you will notice a couple of things in common. First, they all have a plan for what they want to achieve. 

Second, they all have a system to follow in order to achieve that plan. Many of them utilize coaches or buddy systems to help achieve their goals. If you want to be like those successful people, then you utilizing coaches or buddy systems can help you up your accountability game and achieve your goals faster.

You are already aware of what’s needed to move your life and plans forward. You don’t always have the motivation to keep on track. 

Accountability systems help by removing your excuses and keeping you on track to reach your goals. Whether you prefer a Coaching or Buddy Accountability System, you’ll be covered when it’s time to tackle your goals. 

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